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a Beginning

     a Middle

   an End

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All products, services, and individuals, who want a sale must need to tell a story. This emotional connection with your target demographic is imperative to succeed. The KC Sisters are a classic example of Storytelling.


If you’re selling a product or service then tell the potential customer why you are solving a problem or offering a solution. In the story of the KC Sister, they have an amazing acapella singing talent. The five sisters are also musicians. Their music repertoire include rock, country, and gospel. Our challenge was separating the girls from the mass of performers across the Internet who have a similar fan base. We needed the “hook” to draw attention.


I created a concept—to honor the girl groups of the 1960s that changed American music forever. The record industry discovered the amazing talents of The Shirelles, Martha and The Vandellas, The Crystals, and many others. We then focused on a song that was number one in the era, and repeated to reach the top 10 when groups like The Beatles, The Cowsills, The Carpenters performed it—“Please Mr. Postman”. This was the answer and the KCSisters began getting attention of this well recognized song where their acapella voices not only did the song justice but showed their talent.

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