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Who Sees YOU
  & What Do They Think

Positioning best-selling author, woman business consultant, and neuroscience specialist, Heather Picken, was ensuring that her cerebral approach to studying success would impact every woman. More than just promoting her consulting practice it was important that the message would resonate with woman at all levels of achievement.  From the ambitious college student to the board room executive and business entrepreneur, it was Heather’s quest to bring out the fierce femme in each one. 

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We decided to create multiple corridors of potential visibility and income streams that would all funnel into promoting the name brand. We created a documentary on the subject matter with a Netflix target. Although the client would host the TV Special, we would select a narrator from the Hollywood “A” List to ensure a commercial value. In addition, we took Heather’s ability to conduct seminars and workshops and created a 10 City Tour to present live workshops for women business owners, tie in a strong commercial sponsor, offer a download stream of the workshop in each individual city to ensure all business owners were reachable. As the client also owned a wine brand, we turned the workshops into a “Girls Night Out”, a casual open discussion exchange that would focus on women growing their business.


This is an example of taking a client’s vision and expanding it to succeed at two objects—create more recognition for the brand and to create additional revenue streams for the client.

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