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There's only one answer--Creative Storytelling. I have guided the Fortune 500 Companies to Startups guiding  engagement to target demographics in order to find the customer’s point-of-persuasion.


We have maintained a 5-star rating with my clients for over eight years. There's no obligation in chatting about your vision and how we can become a catalyst to making it a reality.  I have served over 800 clients in the past 24 months with a stellar reputation for taking their businesses to the next level.

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We design for B2C, B2B, Angel Investors, etc.  I'm a best-selling author on women consumer empowerment.  My clients have included AT&T, US Postal Service, CIGNA, New York Life, Marriott International,  FujiFilm USA, John Hancock,  Staples, and two White House Administrations on small business.  We’ve been the recipient of multiple Emmys and Associated Press Awards, and many other commendations for our storytelling.


I take you from "right" to a "more right" in your venture.  I'm a consultant that personifies excellence in your product or service--from the newest discovery in technology to the corner Bistro—

I guide you to higher revenue with a long-term strategy. 

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